Jason's Bug Ranch
401 E Smith St. Winter Garden, FL 34787
Why drive to Orlando?
Mon-Fri: 9-5
Sat: 10-4

Jason's Bug Ranch is an independent Volkswagen service and repair shop. We work on ALL air & water cooled Volkswagens. “If it has a VW emblem on it, we can fix it”.

Our regular hours of operation are from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. We are open most weekends and can extend our hours early or late most days to help accommodate your needs. Please contact us by phone or by email at Jason@jasonsbugranch.com or nate@jasonsbugranch.com. We look forward to hearing from you and making you and your Volkswagen happy.

Where did Jason's Bug Ranch come from?

As a boy, Jason's favorite toy was a screwdriver. He would take his toys apart to figure out how they worked and see if he could improve the operation or performance of his Christmas presents. His Mom was frustrated. As he became a teenager, he was building go-carts and assembling dirt bikes he had bought in a large cardboard box. His first car was a Rabbit diesel with a blown engine. Happy 15th birthday from big brother. In Jr. High School, he kept his guidance counselors Subaru running until it had rusted in half. He purchased a used car from Lothar's Autohaus, Inc. and during the purchasing process had mentioned his talent. Lothar hired Jason to work after school and taught him to repair the old air-cooled VW's. Learning from a master VW mechanic who had worked in the VW factory in Germany gave Jason knowledge unobtainable from any book. Lothar's experience was the foundation for Jason's career. After moving to Florida, Jason was hired as a technician at a well known VW dealership in Orlando. He studied VW's latest technologies and became a Master VW technician in 2006. As his clientèle grew and his rapport with VW's engineers advanced, he was promoted to team leader then shop foreman. Jason, working alongside with Nate, his service advisor, did not know that his career would eventually take a huge leap. After working 13 years as a technician, 10 of which working with Nate, they decided to open their own VW shop. With the addition of Cory and Steve, Jason's Bug Ranch is truly a Volkswagen mecca. They all are extremely proud of what they have built and are excited to do what they have been doing for years at their own location. Most VW owners already know us or know someone who does know us. Stop by and meet us at anytime or call to say hello. You will be very happy you did.



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